℠ consulting and organisation of art and publishing concepts ℠ analysing and creation of art businesses ℠ assistance for artists in creating the right environment to work in and activation of synergies

I identify the needs of artists and gallery owners
- from the middle of Berlin, GER

MJN via Kunstwissen
Curator & Author, CEO
I create surroundings to work and to learn from each other. The loneliness of creative working also wants to be accompanied by another field or thinking, artist, coach or space. I can help you to survive as an artist as well as human being - in this world. For a freelancer artist it is the most important thing to be connected to a direct ambit - even more than for collectors... Let's work together, let me introduce you to Berlin's art scene. And: take the chance to get the best written text about your artwork or your business.

Lektorat Textwissen
Founder & CEO

Proofreading - Analysis - Researches - Publishing:
written art | art books | exhibition catalogues | expert evidences | linguistic improvements | academic writings | researches | market analysis | coaching

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